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Over the last Three years or so I have been using several types of set-ups at home for my work and tech reviews, In fact I have two set-ups in at home and it is just as well I do and it is great to have those options with kids so I have a place to work in peace and quiet when required so for me having a set-up I can move to in an instant is important for me to get things done without interrupting my workflow and both set-ups would have similar products at hand and all ready to go so the only thing that needs moving is my phones.
Having a desk is important and space and having tested several options the sit stand desk or a desk that can move up and down is ideal and when it is electric it is even more sweet and less hassle for me and anything else as no movement is required of products and cable management is now embedded in pretty much all these types of offerings.
Maidesite desk
So the latest one which is now set up is from Maidesite and this is their Electric Standing Desk S2 Pro Plus and it is a superb standing desk and suits all my needs down to a tee. What’s more this one is not as complicated to set up like previous ones or holes need to be drilled into your walls and little tools required, in fact they are all in the box bar a screwdriver to mount the control unit the rest is all allen key screws and the key is provided.
Setting up did not take long either which only took me about 25 mins to get the whole thing set up and running and that was another bonus for me as time matters plus it is fairly simple and not complicated as some can be as mentioned.

The best way top set up is to grab two chairs and lay the table top on it upside down of course take out all the pieces and lay them in order with the screws provided and have it all ready at hand and then follow the instructions on the booklet inside, these may seem complicated for some however with this table no so much. You can see some of this set-up process in the video below anyway and how it all works and get an idea of what it all looks like..
The great thing with this Desk is the ability to move it around plus the controls to raise and lower the table which can cater for adults and kids but for me standing is the better option and healthier but I can also sit down should I want to and my daughter can use it for college and so on and for my main use which is office work and tech reviews it just solves several issues in one place and does it really well and can be used in several ways. I do change my set-ups from time to time and rotate the tech for example and will have an additional new triple length light to clip onto the back of the desk when I use two laptops for example sometimes I just have one on the desk and would be doing videos so there is plenty of space regardless here to do multiple tasks and do them easily with no cables in the way.
The frame itself here what impresses me most too it is solid and sturdy given all the dimensions and weight involved it does not move an inch when working on it either in a sitting or standing position and for me who is one to lean on such the same applies and makes this super robust and can be placed away from a wall or in the center of a room the choice is yours.

The control board actually has a USB port on it too which makes it great for charging my phone for example of any other bits like earbuds and headphones so all I need is at my fingertips in reach and no hassle and all is kept simple and that is how I like it and that is what this table offers, simplicity with all in your reach and the space to do what you need.
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